The “dedicated units” division is like several firms co-existing in a single law firm for a better management of the assigned cases and also to satisfy the needs of clients who decide to shift on KLF the conduct and resolution of their recovery litigation.

For nearly a decade, this project has been established, allocating a specific space, lawyers, paralegal staff, software, accounting, and other resources to a particular client whose needs of recovery justify the implementation of this infrastructure.

This has attracted banks and insurance companies; thus the recovery rate has improved, since the department spares no effort to find amicable solution, failing which automatically triggers the commencement of legal proceedings.

These are preceded by a search of solvency and by the localisation of the debtor’s assets as early as the commencement of the amicable phase.

This division is headed by Me Rita Kettani and Me Zineb Kettani. The achieved results are quite encouraging while the concept is attracting more and more institutional clients.

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